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If you could please provide us with the server's hostname and port number you are trying to connect to, we'd be happy to make sure that the server is up and running. Also, we'd like to know what type of internet connection you are currently running.

We did receive a trouble ticket today from someone using wireless broadband in order to connect to the server and they were also having issues connecting. More than likely, the wireless broadband provider is simply blocking this type of traffic on their server. In this particular case, the server was up and running with multiple other users logged into the server, pointing towards an ISP issue, not an issue with the server itself.

In order to receive the best service, please feel free to contact us directly instead of going through the forums. We offer phone, chat, and ticket support 24/7 which will provide you with the quickest support in regards to any questions you may have about a server through our company.
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