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Well, as I said, the headset shows up immediately in the prefs, and can be selected. There is no sign, however, that anything is being transmitted either in or out of the headset. Sound continues to come out of the speakers, and the little "meter" in the sound prefs window does not jiggle except at the moment the headset is connected. It's the same on both G5s I have access to, with all input settings set at max, and absolutely nothing muted anywhere, including on the headset controls (and "enable access for assistive devices" is turned on). We only have the one headset to test with, but if you can recommend vendors who are happy to sell you electronic equipment and just take it back the next day when you tell them it doesn't work on your machine, then I suppose I can go out and buy some other models to test. But, frankly, that seems stupid - if the USB connection is being recognized, then THIS headset should work. That it does not suggests that NO headset will work, and that I'm wasting my time unless someone knows what has to be done to G5s to get them to accept sound via USB. I just want to find ONE person, anywhere, who uses the same computer and has figured out how to run vent. So far, everyone I've contacted either uses a PC or a completely different type of Mac, or doesn't ever try to input sound.
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