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Originally Posted by dyanega
Okay. Thanks for being so patient - though if you could bear with me just a bit longer...
So, if there is no internal mic, and the mic jack requires an external mic with its own power source, then that answers two of the three puzzles.
Only to introduce another - why the *&%&^% does Apple do this? Is it too much to ask for a real microphone input on the machine somewhere?

So, why does a perfectly good USB headset, which shows up in the prefs immediately, and works flawlessly on a PC, suddenly stop transmitting/receiving the instant it is connected to a G5?
So my first question is whether or not sound keeps coming out of your speakers when you do this.

Open iTunes and play a song. Now plug in the headset. Did anything happen? Or did the sound keep going out of the speaker(s)?

Ok, now go into the sound control panel. Do you see a listing for the headset?

If you do, select it. What happens?

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