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Okay. Thanks for being so patient - though if you could bear with me just a bit longer...
So, if there is no internal mic, and the mic jack requires an external mic with its own power source, then that answers two of the three puzzles. So, why does a perfectly good USB headset, which shows up in the prefs immediately, and works flawlessly on a PC, suddenly stop transmitting/receiving the instant it is connected to a G5? The only thing I can figure is it must not actually be "plug-n-play" - despite showing up in the system prefs immediately. Neither of the computers we tested this on are ever shut down and restarted (both run high-level analyses that have run times measured in days, and we could set someone's research back a week if we reboot while one is running), so maybe you cannot use a USB mic unless you reboot the computer with the mic in place? Is that a possibility? More to the point, if that *is* the problem, is there a software-based way to get around the actual act of rebooting?

Thanks for answering what must seem like stupid questions.
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