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Thanks. A "regular mac mic" is a small external mono mic that came with my previous Mac. Little round thing. I think it's irrelevant, though. The G5 is supposed to have an internal mic, but I cannot figure out how to get it to respond, either. My friend's headset was taken directly off of his computer and moved over to mine - no controls were altered, like volume or anything. Plugged it in, selected it, got no detectable signal from it. So, (1) the internal mic doesn't give any response (2) an external mic in the audio port gives no response (3) a USB headset (I don't know brand/model, all I know is he uses it so it was not muted) gives no response. Interestingly, another friend has an identical Mac G5 to mine, and he cannot get IT to process audio input, either - no response from the internal mic, audio port, or USB headset. That suggests that there is something about G5s that is NOT immediately obvious, but prevents them from processing audio input regardless of source until and unless you know some magic trick that the owner's manual does not tell you. If you could just explain to me how to get any measurable response from the internal mic, that alone might show the exact nature of the problem. Thanks.
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