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Default Issues with Ventrilo Audio.

Hey yall, first post. Thanks in advance for the help.

So I downloaded the Windows 10 April update (The big one). Now I am having an issue where I can't get Ventrilo audio to come through my headset. I can talk to people, but I can only hear them if I set my audio to come out of my speakers. General set up for me is all audio through my speakers with the sole exception of Ventrilo, which makes it easier to hear my friends when we are gaming.

I thought at first the headset might have gone bad, but I have extensively tested it using windows audio checks as well as playing videos on *******. I can get any and all audio to run just fine, except vent, the one I actually want.

TLDR- Cant hear vent audio through headset, cant figure out why. My mic is working just fine, friends can hear me. pls halp.

Provider is Typefrag. Version is 3.0.6. I had done all the standard checks, Headset is set to default communication device in windows. In vent settings it is also the output/input device. I have juggled the settings through every logical combination and no luck.

Thanks again for any help you can provide.
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