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Default getting disconnected randomly?

hi there. i've been having this problem from the get go and i'm trying to pinpoint what the problem could be. when i first get on...everything seems to be going smooth.

i can talk, listen, change channels. then, at seemingly random times i'll get disconnected, then it says (to the other people on) that i'm reconnecting, but when i get back on i can't hear anything or speak.

so i click on disconnect, then click connect, and i come back on and all of a sudden my handle is duplicated in the channel i was last on. frozen there. i go to that channel and i can see my name on there twice. i can hear and talk again...but then every 25 secs to 5 mins it happens again. does anyone know what could be causing this?

i run a power mac G5 (pre-intel) 2gig processor. i have a USB headset that is brand new. i forwarded the port on my firewall to clear that up....any ideas?
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