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Originally Posted by Just A Bot
Hi (and hi panoze!)

Like panoze, I am experiencing *intermittent* difficulties being heard (but never a problem hearing others). Also like panoze, restart does seem to fix it.

ventrilo 2.3.2 proto 7
mac powerbook g4 1.67 GHz
plantronics usb headset dsp 500

Hey BOT looks like you and I are the only ones having this problem. I wonder why nobody else has this problem?

I guess its an unknown problem with the prototype, and we'll just have to wait for the full version, but I hope they can figure out what the problem is with the prototype since it seems to be limited to you and I.

Have you had any luck with yours? Mine is still intermittant, and I've played with the settings some and the configuration. Its working well enough and only cutting out when people are telling me important stuff that I need to respond to.
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