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I too have this same issue. Ventrilo Server is running on CPU #2 (= my server CPU) and I'm trying to connect via CPU #1 (= my gaming CPU).

CPU #2 uses the latest version of Ubuntu (10.4) and the Ventrilo server version is also the latest. CPU #1 uses the latest client version of Ventrilo.

As far as I know, my router has nothing to do with this issue. CPU #2 uses WAN and CPU #1 uses I have tried connecting to IP without success. Ventrilo status tells me my server is up and running.

So, somehow this error must have to do with the server program itself. I am running a gaming server on CPU #2 and it's working splendidly, anyone can connect to it.

Could the admins please have a look at this issue?

And I'd also like to hear from people using same server version, having no problems whatsoever. Cause we've been trying to make this work for a couple of days now and refuse to change to some other voice chat program. I mean, Ventrilo rocks! When it works..
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