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Ventrilo (Server Client) will NOT run on a machine that is running Mac OS X Lion. This is because the ventrilo server software provided by Flagship industries is a PowerPC application, and will not run on an intel based machine except through rosetta (as stated).

Unfortunately Apple has dropped all support for rosetta with Mac OS X Lion (Rosetta will not work with Lion even if you install it manually), which is why you get the error when trying to run the server software through Terminal (or by other means on a machine running Lion).

Theres only 3 options available to fix this:

1. Downgrade to Mac OS X Snow Leopard (to which Rosetta is still supported)
2. Wait for Apple to come out with an update for PowerPC App support (I Wouldn't count on it)
3. Wait for Flagship Industries to update its software for Mac Intel support (Which is likely, I just don't know when that will be)

I'm sorry your having difficulty getting a server online, but if your only looking to run the Ventrilo program, there is an updated client that works on Lion, and you can download it at the site's homepage.

Best of Luck!
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