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Ok so I might have found the problem!!!

I had a program called Hear installed which enhances audio *output*. I use it when watching movies on my laptop to make the voices louder so I can hear whats going on without all the explosions deafening me, otherwise I have it turned OFF (there's an on/off button in the Hear program). However, it appears to run a daemon in the background on startup (I'm guessing system wide), so even if you turn it OFF in the app, the daemon still chugs away. I'm assuming that I installed it prior to testing vent the last time I did an archive and install (doh).

After uninstalling Hear (via the File Menu --> Uninstall ... from within the Hear program), Vent is holding steady at 9.7 MB real memory, 950 MB virtual memory. I'll keep an eye on it next time I run a raid on WoW when its under a heavier load to see if it acts up again.

Question tho, why is my virtual memory, 950 MB, so high compared to your test machines?

EDIT: Ran Vent for 30 min or so, no memory increase (whereas there was before within minutes), I think we found the culprit.
EDIT2: Ran Vent for 3 hours during heavier use (25+ people on), memory went no more than 11.6 MB and was stable the entire time. Definitely found the problem.

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