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Default Vent keeps disconnecting anytime I speak or use push to talk

Sometime during the past week, something very strange has been happening. Anytime I talk or use push to talk, my vent disconnects. I can listen for hours at a time with no connection issues. If I start to the my push to talk and actually speak, typically within 30 seconds I will get disconnected. Sometimes its within 5 seconds, sometimes its within 30. Nothing has changed on my end I dont know what it could point to. My vent has been working perfectly fine for months with no issues whatsoever. I am using 3.0.1 on a powerpc g5 with Leopard running. Vent is set to autoreconnect and it does so as soon as I DC. Again, Right after if I talk, I get dc'd again. If I just listen, I have no issues.
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