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You will want to be sure that you are attempting to connect to a valid Ventrilo server. Double-check the Hostname/IP and Port Number to ensure that you have the correct information provided in your Connection Editor.

Also, you will need to utilize the Windows Add/Remove Programs utility in your Control Panel to completely remove Ventrilo from your system. You can also achieve this by typing "%appdata%" in the Run utility and simply delete the Ventrilo folder from your Application Data folder. You will then be able to reinstall Ventrilo without populating any pre-existing data.

If you're connecting through a Router, try connecting your PC directly to the modem. If the router is needed, you may be able to contact the manufacturer for further assistance with DMZ/Port Forwarding which will allow the necessary UDP Ports to be opened.

You will also want to make sure that Windows Firewall is disabled, and Ventrilo has been removed from the Exceptions tab of the Firewall. Another option is to power down your modem for 15-20 seconds to establish a fresh connection to your ISP's Network.

Please let us know if the above recommendations do not resolve your issue.
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