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That 'lockdown' sounds a little odd - what type of laptop is this?

The installation of Vent adds the Ventrilo application into the applications folder and installs the other supporting files in the

Users->home folder->Library->Preferences->Ventrilo folder

Vent looks for it's supporting data in that folder and if it's not there, Vent will not operate.

When I use the Vent installer and a flash drive is in the USB port, the flash drive (and all volumes) show up in the list. However non boot volumes all have an exclamation point on them (!) and if you try to select anything other than the Boot Drive with the OS on it, the installer says 'You can only install this software on the disk that is running Mac OS X'

Technically you could drag the ventrilo app to the flash drive via the Finder, however, it would still need to be able to access the above mentioned files. So I imagine the answer is no, you can't do what you are trying to do.

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