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On your Mac, go to System Preferences.

In the top row of Icons you should have one called Security. Click it.

There will be three tabs General, FileVault and Firewall.

Click the Firewall tab.

Firewall should be Off.

If it isn't then click the stop button to turn it off.

Restart and try vent again.

Second thing to try: Do you use a router?

That's a device that sits between your cable modem (or dsl modem) and your Mac. If so, it may be blocking the information going from the Vent server to your computer.

You can try plugging your Mac directly in to your cable modem to bypass it (remember to unplug the power from the cable modem, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in) after you plug it in to your Mac.


If you know how to configure it, you can check it's settings and make sure it's firewall is turned OFF and NO ports are being blocked.

Let us know.

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