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Default synchronising

i have has same issue MSG: synchronising

im always clueless which firewall i still have working cause im always shutting down every firewall i see, they give too much troubleshooting

i got MCafee, windows firewall, and the router
i have windows one turned off mcafee too and the routers one too.
someone told me i had to open port 6100 or w/e port, so i tried that
i dont know how ofc so i just tried the Enable port trigger, and changed NAT settings.

nothing worked! i use my MSN to give me feedback on what exactly works. it said my pc had wrong proxy DNS settings etc. and i called my PC helpdesk, internethelpdesk and router helpdesk and nobody wnated to help me or could help me. Some guy even told me to reinstal windows.

then i justresetted the modem for 10 minutes and everything worked again

even ventrilo!
for like 1 hour.. when i came back it didnt work anymore. thats how i got to this thread (and many others)

so people said to turn routers firewall off so i checked that but it was already turned off and the second i turned it ON ventrilo just popped up and works fine now.. i dunno for how long but ill just try turning it on and off next time. i hope this will be of any help!
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