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He needs to change the server to use Speex. If it's his own server, he makes these changes to ventrilo_srv.ini:

VoiceCodec = 3
VoiceFormat = 20

and restart the server.

If the server is professionally hosted, there's usually a web-based control panel where you can make this change and restart the server. If not, you contact the hosting company's support department and have them make the change.

Make sure that ALL Windows users install the 2.3.2 beta 3 release to resolve a bug. Otherwise you may have voice quality issues which will cause your users to determine that Speex is no good and go back to GSM.

However, Speex sounds every bit as good as GSM and most people feel it sounds better. So just be sure everyone gets on the beta to avoid this problem. The beta is production quality and is recommended by the developer.
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