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My apologies about the sample rate. You're correct, it does match the codec sample rate of the channel it was recorded in. I stand (well... sit) corrected!

I would like to double-back and note that my statement about v4 being able to play v3 recordings is actually incorrect; the "Stat" column just says "Codec" upon attempting to click "Play" and exported files are actually just silence it seems.

I'm working with a lot of old recordings so I suppose I'll have to make do with using v3 to play them unless support is added back in. If it is, I highly suggest a way to export separate tracks per user!

I've also noticed that that sometimes the end of someone's statement is slightly clipped in the exported .wav but is perfectly audible in the recording when played from Ventrilo. I can easily reproduce this in v3 if you want a .vrf file that shows this issue, but I do not have a way of testing in v4 at this time.
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