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Default Vent Ram leak

a few Questions,

Are you running Mac OS X 10.5?
How Much Ram do you have?
Is your system completely up to date?

now ill tell you why its crashing,

Ventrilo 3.0.1 for mac has a massive memory leak, what this mean is that the application memory footprint rises when it shouldn't. The memory leak that Ventrilo has is F*&^ing masive and with in 20 min it will rise from using less then 1mb of ram to over 2GB, this is the point when my sytem kills the process, because its using more then 50% of the RAM as i have 4GB of ram, if you only have a small amount of ram like 256mb or 512 mb its going to get killed with in minuits. it would be nice for ventrilo to fix this error but its been like this for months so i wouldnt hold my breath...
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