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Ok, for some reason, I still cant even connect to it in my local network, or outside of it. What's involved in port forwarding? I already enabled that port on the router, and the firewall on the router.I set those things up in the .ini as you directed, and restarted it. But still no connection.
And yes, my Mac is set up to a static IP at
I have tried connecting to that, nothing. Ive tried over my wireless and a LAN line (thats what the mac is on obviously). Once again, neither the outside address nor the network one work. I have also had people outside my network try it out, and nothing.
After some Google searching I've found I MUST be doing something wrong for it not to connect in the local network. So please help me in the following questions:

1) Can Windows clients connect to the OS X server?
2) Just because it says ready at the bottom, and read the ini contents correctly does that mean it will work?
3) Are there any commands I have to type after the server is started for it to begin the actual service??

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