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Before messing with portforwarding, you need to get it working locally first.

Are the Ventrilo server and client on the same machine perhaps? If so, you should try connecting to "localhost" or

1) Can Windows clients connect to the OS X server?

2) Just because it says ready at the bottom, and read the ini contents correctly does that mean it will work?
It should work internally at that point. Working correctly with external clients depends on having port forwarding configured correctly on your router.

3) Are there any commands I have to type after the server is started for it to begin the actual service??

What's involved in port forwarding? I already enabled that port on the router, and the firewall on the router.
Simply allowing the port is not the same as forwarding the port to the proper internal address. Look on and see if you can find instructions for your router. If not, contact the manufacturer.
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