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Originally Posted by a2daj
I ran into the same problem. I have a Revolution 7.1 audio card and use that sound input with a Logitech headset. I was using the Mac server for testing. When I first got everything set up I had some guildmates join to help test it. After I turned down my sensitivity folks could hear when I spoke, but initially, they said I sounded like a chipmunk. So I opened up Audio MIDI Setup in /Applications/Utilities and changeds the mic input from 22 Hz to 44.1 Hz. I then restarted my Ventrilo client. People said I sounded fine. However, when I went to play with the amplifier, the higher the amplification, the lower my voice played back for everyone. I think people were mistaking me for Bill Brasky.
a2daj, maybe you really are a chipmunk? ;p
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