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Default Connecting to server problem...

Thank you for taking the time to read this and potential offer some advice.

So recently I purchased a new router and installed it, ever since it's been in use I have been unable to connect to one specific vent server, which also happens to be the only one I need.

When I click "connect" I get this error message after roughly 15-20 seconds... "Unable to connect to the specified server. Contact the server admin and verify that the server is online. You should also verify the hostname and port number with the server admin to assure that you are trying to connect to the correct server."

I have tried everything in the sticky threads and other threads I found. Nothing seems to work.

-Here's a list of pertinent information;
-I've reinstalled Ventrilo roughly 5 times, no change
-I've booted in safe mode with networking, no change
-I've shut off my computer for 60 seconds and rebooted, no change
-The server is functional for everyone else and is not full
-I am not banned from the server
-I tried changing my IP address to static, no change
-My results for the tracert totally normal and the trace completed.
-My results for the telnet are "could not open connection to the host, on port 61814: connect failed"
-The server information is " 61814"
-I've disabled all firewall and anti virus programs and re-ran telnet. same message, no change
-I've disabled all unused LAN ports (disabled wired, Im running on Wi-Fi), no change

I am totally stumped as to what the problem could be, especially considering I am only unable to access one server.

Thanks again for reading and hopefully we can get this fixed.
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