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Originally Posted by Sir Right View Post
I had to pass this on as I know others might get their Vent working also.

Premise: My wife and I are on our home network, using a basic router and dsl modem. She has Win XP and I have Win Vista Ultimate. I can get on to a server just fine but for some reason her Ventrilo had that "synchronizing" error when she tried to log in. She also uses Zone Alarm (I do not) which I felt was the problem (it wasn't).

Solution: After trying all the other fixes, port changes, etc. it was something so simple--simply unplug the dsl modem and router (wait for 15 seconds) then plug them back in. For some reason either her IP address was being blocked or Win XP server software was stuck. And yet she could connect with the internet, play games via Game Spy ...

I'm sure one of you experts out there has a reason why this worked...I just hope that our good luck works for you too. There are many threads for this issue but this is the one that ranks number one on Yahoo!

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Actually I had a similar experience this week but it wasn't ventrilo syncing experiencing the problem. It was an ability to ping one of my internet servers. Turns out that power cycling the router fixed the problem. I also noticed that the routers firmware was outdated so I upgraded it shortly there after.
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