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Thanks for the really quick reply. Yet, neither one of these suggestion seem to work. The PTT dialogue box inside the set up is binding succesfully the key that I push to be bound, even on my mouse. Though when I exit setup, I do not =xmit= anything when I press the PTT button.

The only thing that I can think of that might be the problem is that at something on the program or my computer is preventing ventrilo to recongnize that I have any PTT hotkey bound, therefore it does not =xmit=. I am using USB overdrive to assign functions to my mouse, could this be a problem?

And finally here is the wierdest thing, So last night I had one of my close "technological, mac geek" friends to DL the vent client on his macintosh, and see if he could get it to work on our server. And on his completly different computer he had the same problem. This leads me to think that 1) the vent client for Macintosh (though still in beta so I am not blaming anyone) has terrible bugs, or 2) the server we are renting is messed up.

Thanks Again
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