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Default Tried Everything PTT Does not work

Ok. first some info. I have a Imac G5 with an internal microphone that I am trying to use to talk. Everything seems fine here. The problem is with the PTT bind. So I bind any and every key on the keyboard and nothing works. The Test and Monitor buttons seem to be logging my key hits and microphone sends. But wehn I try to use the PTT key out of setup, nothing happens.

I did this: "4) Setup-Voice: If you enable "Use Push-To-Talk Hotkey" then you must do the following:
Close the Ventrilo client
System Preferences
Universal Access
Check the "Enable access for assistive devices"
Restart the Ventrilo client
And still nothing happening. Is there any possible other solution to get the PTT to actually work? Could it be that the client is not noticing when I push the key? Or there is a problem with the client turning on the microphone to allow talking? Or that perhaps the key is bound to something else?

I have no clue, been trying everything for hours to fix it.
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