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Having the same issue w/ 3.0.9. Didn't happen w/ 3.0.8.

This seems to happen after 30 mins or an hour of talking in vent. The server only has 3-5 people in it at the time. It happens at least once in a 3 hour period. Usually 2 or more times, though.

Generally I'm playing StarCraft 2 at the time it happens (I don't play other games, really). I do switch between full screen and windowed mode, as well as cmd+tab around between apps (this makes StarCraft start/stop playing its audio -- you'd know whether or not this matters better than I). Sometimes the speakers (next to usernames) are on or off when I notice the app has locked up so I'm not sure it has much to do with transmitting or receiving audio at the time this happens. Also, I'm running Lion (10.7.1).

If there's any specific info I can give when the app gets into this state (logs, dumps, whatever), please let me know and I'll grab it and send it to you the next time it happens.

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