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As previously stated, we don't know when the next upgrade is going to be and Flagship is not going to say until it's very close to time.

Even if you tell your guild that an "upgrade will be ready in 3 months", they'll just use that as an excuse not to change their server.

I'd recommend you spend your energy convincing your guild to switch. I have not run into a GSM-configured server for many months. Yes, I know they still exist, but the assertion that "all servers are GSM" simply isn't true. In fact, I'd say a minority are now. I also realize it's not easy to get a large guild to switch, but it can be done. With one guild, I even took the tactic of paying for the server. The guy who refused to switch changed his mind real fast when he didn't have to pay the bill anymore. And when I handed the server back when I left, they left it configured for Speex.

And yes, if your guild absolutely refuses to switch, then you're stuck until the update. However, if they're not willing to switch to include you, do they really care anything about whether you're there or not?

I realize the advice won't make some of you happy, but it's really the only choice for now. Flagship is well aware of the stories of hardship. It's not meant to be rude - just to say that until there's an alternative, you might as well spend your energy on your guild.
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