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To address a couple of things above.

In OS 10.8, Universal Access system preference was changed to Accessibility. Go there and click the checkbox at the bottom of the pane that says Enable Access for Assistive devices.

Second thing - as far as I can tell, Vent is working fine with 10.8. I have tried it running with a number of games and have had zero issues (other than the ever standing Robotic Sound issue hrrrrmpf)

Finally, the codex that Vent uses for Mac communication is called Speex - it's an open source royalty free codec that is superior to the GSM codec in many ways. GSM is not owned by Microsoft - it's owned by an independent organization who you must pay licensing fees to in order to use it. GSM is awesome for cell-phone communication due to it's compression but because we have so much more bandwidth over the internet it's not the best solution.

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