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Default For All With the BF2 Mic Issue on Vista

I found a way to fix vent while running BF2. In order to get BF2 to run properly on Vista it does not have to be run as an administrator. Go into your main drive C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\pb\PnkBstB.exe
and only run the punkbuster executable as an administrator. While running BF2 as an admin it takes hold of your mic and will not allow you to use your mic in vent at all. Make sure to run vent as admin so you don't get the same issue running both as non-admin. I hope this helps it worked for me.

Edit: When BF2 is not run as administrator it would not boot Punkbuster and I would be kicked from every PB server within two minutes. So only let the PB exec run as an admin.

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