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Most customers do not have access to change the CODEC their host uses. Using different codec usually changes the price on your package. ie.. Regular quality verse High Quality.
It's not as easy as you make it sound, unless you're the administrator of the physical machine, and have root acccess to change the properties of the .ini files. 99% of users are not going to have that kind of access.

Originally Posted by wadesworld

1) Whomever has administrative rights to the server changes the codec to Speex. Only two lines need to be changed.


For the list of codec settings.

Our guild uses setting 3/20 and it sounds fantastic.

2) Server is restarted by same person.

3) Windows users download and install the latest 2.3.2 beta (currently 2.3.2 beta 3). They can find it at:

It's at the bottom of the page. They install it the same way they've installed every other Ventrilo update on thier machine (i.e. they run the installer).


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