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Default Mac user in an IBM world


I'm the only Mac user in a guild of around 73 players. There Vent client is set up for GSM 6.10 and this current version of Vent for mac only allows connection through Speex.

Getting them to change over to Speex is gonna happan as much as an Enchanter is handing out free Crusader enchants in Ironforge.

Please please please tell me what I can do so I can at the minimum, listen in on what there saying. I don't need to talk back at this time but If I can't get this Vent to work with them, there not going to allow me to join in on future MC or any other instance raids.

I'm desperate here. When is the next version of Vent coming out and will it allow me to connect using the Codex GSM 6.10? If not, then what else can I do?


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