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Default Finally Solved


This issue was resolved for us.

We use Z-board gaming keyboards at home, and had the exact same problem.

The keyboard changes the mapping of the keys when you're ingame, you can see the "power light" on the keyboard turn on when you switch.

We would switch over to Vent, re-map, test, it would work, we'd get back in game, try it, and nothing. GRR!!!

I didn't have the problem with every key mapping.

But here's an example - the "Q Save" button, which is mapped to "F5" outside the game, changes to become "U" in game, pulling up the reputations page. Another example - if you've mapped to "Caps" outside the game, the mapping stays the same in game, and Vent works normally.

So if you want to use the above examples, here's what you do:

Check your ZBoard configuration to see what the key you're TRYING to use actually is WHEN YOU'RE PLAYING. Then set your Vent Hotkey to that, instead...

I hope this helps a lot of users, I know the problem was frustrating in the extreme to us...



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