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Default I am still having this problem...

Originally Posted by Jaycyn View Post
A quick heads up; having a permissions issue could prevent the files from being installed in the first place. i.e. if the folder that would normally contain the Vent files is not allowing you access, then the files will not be installed.

A couple of things to check.
  1. Double click your hard drive to open a Finder Window.
  2. Make sure Macintosh HD is selected in the left column (your hard drive name)
  3. Double click Library folder
  4. Double click Preferences folder
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the list and see if there is a Ventrilo Folder
  6. if so, double click it and see if there is a Wav folder
  7. if so, open the Wav folder and see if you have a bunch of .wav files.

Let us know which item mentioned above is NOT there.
I get through that list until number 6. There is no Wav folder in my vent preferences folder. All I see is, Ventrilo.log and Ventrilo2.ini. Is this a permissions problem? How do I fix it? thanks.
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