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Originally Posted by twist
Same problem here on both tiger and panther.. client freezes with beachball. no audio in or out. force quit and restart and everything is groovy... for a while. somtimes it is for the rest of the session, sometimes i will be repeating this process every 10 mins.

it doesnt seem to matter how many are on the server at the time or whether there are other apps open or not.

i have another guildie friend using the mac prototype running on a different mac using tiger and he has been complaining of the same problem.

sorry.. i am sure that this is not helping in the debugging as it is completely random as to when it happens.
Same here. Dual DSL connection, two different computers: iBook running OS 10.3.9 and Dual G5 running 10.4.3. Happens on both computers, seems to be random.

Is there any kind of log file I could provide to help out?
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