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having some problems connecting to my vent server that i normally use also

unable to connect to vent server : 2****
all other internet traffic not affected and working normally.

ISP is Charter

firewall/NAT - hardware firewall/NAT have been bypassed // workstation now connects directly to cable modem.

router - not in use // has been bypassed for troubleshooting purposes.

software firewall - third party software not installed // windows firewall and ICS service disabled.

telnet to vent server with port == fail

ping to vent server == success

trace route to vent server == intermittent failures/inconsistent data - trace information changes each time. during one trace some hops will be online and during other traces the same hops will be offline.

possible local modem failure suspected - attempted connection to vent server using Charter as ISP from different locations -
charter @home service // result == fail (my friend that uses charter internet that lives across town) - dynamic IP
charter business connection // result == fail (work internet connection) - static IP

vent server is online and known to be in operating condition

other users on other ISPs are able to connect

vent's server status utility shows server to be online with clients connected -****

able to connect to vent server utilizing Verizon as ISP via cellular phone tether

able to connect to vent server utilizing Clearwire as ISP by bypassing intranet hardware and while utilizing intranet hardware

conclusion - ISP has a problem

ISP informs me that there is no problem and that the internet is working fine

continued inability to connect to aforementioned vent server with charter as ISP

workstation (hardware and software) and intranet hardware must be operating correctly as i am able to connect utilizing different ISP's.

what can I do?

also, other vent servers that I have used in the past will connect just fine with charter - I'm only having a problem with this one.

to my knowledge this vent server I'm trying to connect to is in Dallas, TX

I also tried connecting to some free demo servers from Darkstar LLC - all of them work fine, except for the one they say is in Dallas, TX.
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