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Originally Posted by ez0rt View Post
Hey! I run windows 7 32bit! And when i talk with ppl on Vt, all of a sudden i can't hear specific ppl! And after a while i get everything they had said the last 10min at the same time. Its so anoying espacially when we are gaming!
Please help me out!
(never had this prob on xp! Yes, i've tried to run it as Windows Xp Sp3!
Same issue here. Windows 7 32bit as well. Different for me a bit though. One of us has to disconnect and reconnect from vent for me to be able to hear him. And when reconnected, it then plays back everything he said that I wasn't able to hear over the last how ever long it's been broken. Quite a pain. It plays it all back at once then we can talk again for a while before it breaks again. No particular set amount of time between failures. My soundcard is a Razer AC-1. I've got an Intel Q6600 and an Abit IP35e mobo.-Alex
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