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Just a clarification - the drop down that allows you to 'select' a codec doesn't actually select the codec.

The codec is determined by the server, so if for example, the server admin were to change the Speex codex to a higher quality Speex codec, all of the clients would change automatically as well.

The issue is coding within Vent. But... Part the problem in trying to fix it is the ability to duplicate the issue.

The issue happens to me almost every time I am on vent for more than a half our or so. However, it could happen right at 30 minutes or it could happen 2 hours later. Sometimes it doesn't happen at all. It's very random and I can't seem to identify a pattern as to when the issue occurs.

I have recordings of the issue but until it can be replicated on a consistent basis then it's going to be tough to tell if any coding changes actually took care of it.

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