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Default X-Fi Prelude 7.1 and Ventrilo [Reference thread]

Hi guys, i bought this fantastic card 1 month ago but i've a problem:

PTT/VoiceActivation on Ventrilo, and TeamSpeak too, works perfectly for awhile. At random times (when i've an application like videogames, guildwars, wow, cod4 etc) I notice that the key used for PTT or the voice activation stops working. The only way to get it to work again is to reload Ventrilo or enter setup and use the "test" for the microphone

Message from another user: when I go into a vent server everything works great my mic is fine, hotkey is fine. After a random interval of time either playing or browsing the net I'll push my hotkey button and just like that, nothing works. It appears that it messes my mic up in every program because it no longer works in CS:S either.

- Last Prelude drivers installed.
- I have the latest updated executable of Ventrilo/TS.
- Using different PTT keys does not make a difference (while using PTT).
- No Onboard Sound drivers installed, and disabled in BIOS.
- Changing Process Priority does not fix the problem.
- Disable DirectSound under Vista does not fix the problem.
- Disable Direct Input does does not fix the problem.
- Changing the Direct Sound Buffer size does not fix the problem.
- Run the program with Administrator rights does not fitx the problem.
- Run the program as Windows Xp Sp2 does not fix the problem.
- Disable UserAccountControl does not fix the problem.
- No Error on logs

I contacted some other peoples with x-fi prelude and they have the same problem... under Windows xp 32bit too so it's not about vista64

All the X-Fi Prelude users post here and share ur problem about this, write wich drivers are you using and others usefull infos and,of course, if u found a solution...

Thanks and sorry for my bad english

PS: i've an opened ticket on the auzentech site but nobody answers...

My pc:

Asus Maximus Formula
X-fi Prelude
4gb ram teamgroup xtreem 800mhz
Vista64 Ultimate

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