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Default Comcen user suffering from huge pings

I'm a Comcen customer in Australia. I am having the same pings problems from 3.0 as other users are posting in these forums.

I usually connect ok, and then a short time later the pings begin to climb until I no longer hear people until either I eventually catch up again and hear everyone talking over each other or the ping reaches some 26,000 (probably timing out) and I disconnect.

After reading another thread suggesting there was shaping or low priority on packets going through my ISP on the UDP ports 6100 and 5000, I have placed a ticket in to my ISP asking they investigate these ports. They say they will do it tomorrow.

I am not alone, another friend on the same ISP but a different exchange is getting the same issues. I think we got the problems the same day, jsut a number of days after our leased ventrilo server upgraded to 3.0. We had never had problems before.

We don't think it's our local networks as I have installed commercial networks and my friend who also is having these problems is an internet installation contractor. I think from what I have seen, that the theory of "low priority" on the packets makes sense. The packets are not blocked per se, just tend to come bundled at intervals after they were sent fro mthe server.

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