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Default Logitech G5 + left scroll button

I have just installed a new OS (new computer, Vista) and I am trying to get my left scroll hotkey working like I did on my old computer.

I remember in SetPoint (Logitech mouse app) I used to make the Left Scroll button into the middle button. That way I can use the left tilt button, which is easier to press than middle button downward, to emulate a regular middle button. Open new tabs in firefox/IE, scroll down pages etc.

It also meant that making this left tilt button my Ventrilo hotkey was as simple as clicking it in the hotkey box. It registered as clicking the middle button when in reality I tilted the button left.

Now however, I cant get this to work. Could anyone shed some light on this please? Does anyone else use the G5 mouse and use the left tilt button as their hotkey?

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