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Thumbs up Possible Solution to Windows Client Ventrilo Audio Cutting Out

I have been plagued on a couple of my PC's with the Windows Client of Ventrilo cutting out the speech and then stopping. Disconnecting and then reconnecting would fix the problem for a few secs and then no audio. I wanted to use Ventrilo with WOW.

This would happen on my main PC with Creative PCI Live!, and I tried the Asus AC'97 onboard sound, a pair of USB headphones and a LogiTech Premium USB Headset - all the same problem !!! It also happened on my Dell Precision M60 laptop. Not running WOW made NO DIFFERENCE. I tried ALL the various setup options, DirectSound, No DirectSound, Mic enabled/disabled, High/Normal piority, etc - no difference !!!

As I was trying to connect to a Ventrilo server running Speex I trieds both the normal WIndows client and the beta version - still no success. I even tried running WOW on my main PC and use my laptop to connect to the Ventrilo server - still no success !!! The fact I tried various sound devices, two separate machines implied that it had to be something common. I had even tried to use the router to Prioritise Ventrilo traffic - still no success.

What made matters worst is that my son's crappy PC on our home network could hear quite reasonably. AND yes, I have tried it without many network devices (just my main PC and the router) - with no difference. Our home network comprises of 2 PC's, an occassional wireless laptop and a Printer server.

Then after a lot of Googling, I discovered that EITHER MODIFYING or DELETING the Windows XP PROFESSIONAL (Home does not have this feature) local network protocol for QOS Scheduling made a singificant improvement !!!

The QOS Scheduler, from my searching, is used only on the internal network and not over a router (Thus the Internet).

I deleted the QOS Scheduler. Others changed it behaviour using the group policy editor. WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!!

It probably won't fix all ill's, but it might help some. Hope this helps.

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