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ok, since the test recording sounded right then i still believe the problem is with either the audio driver or directx.

i have read other forums where it's reported that sometimes usb devices can interfere with directx. try removing all usb devices except kbd/mouse, disable the webcam (if built-in) and then test the voices.

windows 7 allows the re-install of directx. the download is here:

install, reboot, and test
re-install the official dell audio drivers for your system

either enter your service tag# (should be located in the same place as the serial#) or click on the 'detect' button. the detect option will install a small app that will identify your system. this will take you to the section where you can select all drivers specific to your pc when it was built. I've had many dells and this works rather nice. you might want to have it detect what version of drivers are currently installed

i would suggest re-installing any drivers as they may have gotten corrupted.
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