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Originally Posted by Thumptacks View Post
I'll also throw in my confusion/disappointment at being able to host our own servers (especially removing the option for version 3). If anything I was hoping we would be getting ARM binaries for server with this update, Vent is perfect for the Raspberry Pi. But it does also work fine with x86 emulation.

As Omicron pointed out it's a bizarre business move to only offer a paid version when your competition has if for free. Personally, I would be okay with paying a one time fee for a perpetual license but I might be in the minority on that.

I guess we'll see what's decided, that's for checking into it Prog-Rocker.
I'd be fine with a paid licence option too, Teamspeak does that. Only one problem, they NEVER EVER consider selling their licenses anymore.

With 3.0, you had two options, free 8 slots, or their hosts. You never had the option to get a license yourself.

They just told you "yadda yadad go buy from one of our providers." To be honest, that's what originally made me go with alternatives.

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