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Originally Posted by Shokra View Post
I'd really like to know as well... Team Speak has iOS app's and there are Vent apps by 3rd party for Windows/Android mobiles; but nothing but garbage for iOS (iPad/iPhone).

I've been a user of Ventrilo for many, many years; but if something isn't changed I'll end up switching to a company that can meet todays needs
I think someone made an iOS Vent app called "Ventrilode" that still seems to be maintained:

However, for future proofing due to lack of updates on Vent, you may also want to look into Mumble's iOS app (as well as Teamspeak one you mentioned.)

Edit: Now that I think about it, I'm amazed this developer has not been sued. Flagship used to be ridiculously sue happy against people (one of my grimaces with vent since the beginning,) and these people are definitely making money off of the Ventrilo protocol. No shared code, but the legal territory of emulating protocols is somewhat murky...

Maybe they just don't have the resources to go after things like this now and could care less, /shrug

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