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Default Static issues with Mac/PC codex

We are using Vent for our guild online. We have mostly PC users and a couple Mac users. When the Voice Format & Codec is set to "Window's Only - Cable Users" on our server's website, everyone using a PC can hear eachother perfectly and the Mac users cant use vent at all. When I change those settings to "Mac Compliant - Cable Users" on our server's website, Vent will work for the Mac users now, BUT some of the PC users cant be heard by a select few PC users, all they hear is static (even though that static person sounds clear to others).

Why does this happen, is there a way to get ALL our members to hear eachother perfectly? This is VERY important to us. We have been forced to go back to "Window's Only - Cable Users" and exclude the Mac users from using Vent because of this problem. I sent an email to someone running our server, any helpful info would be great!
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