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Default Unable to Install


After a couple of hours of reading ventrilo issues and so on, i have not discovered this particular problem that i have.
My mac is a OS 4.11 tiger. I very recently bought myself this macbook and i am obviously a gamer and i need ventrilo terrible bad.
The problem that i have is that ventrilo will download (2.6mb) then a blank piece of white paper icon ends up on my desktop. From then, i try and open it and install it however it automatically opens up Itunes... I went in Get info, and found out that the default opening application for ventrilo was set up as Itunes. I went to "open with other" and that is where im pretty much stuck. I heard that i need to get it to Disk something, but i cannot find it.

If anyone can run me through this, id be very thankful.
Oh, the ventrilo downloads as a zip file. I saw a link for a unzipper, 'stuffit" but it costs 30 bucks...

If anyone can help, id be very grateful.
Thank you.
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