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I have had the issue with my cousin; he is on a computer with XP and whenever he is in a speex channel it completely jacks his transmissions.

I am on Windows 7 64bit edition, and recently reformatted and reinstalled Windows completely.

After the reformat I had the same problem as my cousin. This suggested that it might be a driver issue, more specifically a sound card driver issue. My hunch paid off, and speex channels are working correctly again.

Before installing the drivers I verified the issue by placing myself and three friends in a speex channel. They were unable to hear me. After the drivers were installed and the computer was reformatted, we retried it to instant success.

I don't recall my cousins motherboard or soundcard, but I am using EVGA's 780i motherboard with onboard Realtek sound.

Hope this helps, as I've been occasionally browsing to find fixes for this for months.
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