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Yes - you would be the only one in the Darkstar test server. Sounds like your Vent client is set up and working properly.

Now that being said, *hosting* a vent server is a whole different story.

Your internal network IP address (Found in network utility) will be different than your external Internet ip address which means that if you want someone to connect to your vent server over the internet, you have to give them the Internet IP address, not the one in Network Utility.

Secondly, you will need to adjust the settings on your router to route internet traffic that connects via vents port number to your servers internal IP address. I believe its:

TCP 3784
UDP 3784,6100

Another issue will arise if you don't have a static IP address i.e. if it's dynamic it means it could change at any time, so if you give folks your internet IP address today, it could be different tomorrow.

If you need help with the server side of things, head on over to the Server Forums and check out the Vent Server Macintosh Setup for some hints.

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