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Default IP problems/Admin problems

Ok im new to Mac so this is probably an easy fix but ive been looking in these forums and nothing has solved my problems so far. I *******d some videos on how to set up my computer up as a vent host. I did all the cd desktop etc commands and downloaded the client afterwards. for the IP I tried what was in the network utility and it allows me to connect to the server but when i use the IP from the IP checker its different. That IP does not work but when i verify the server on ventrilo with that IP it works. I am plugged straight into my zwire modem from AT&T by an ethernet cable. When I was able to log into the server with the IP i got from Network Utility it always said i dont have the right codec... and then when i try and type in the admin password i put into the INI file it kicks me off saying its invalid. I have also tried the Auth=1 and its still a no go. Any help would be appreciated
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